Emotional & Social Development for Children

Soetlief is committed to ensuring children
get a head start in life to be the best
they can be. Our mission is to foster
happy, successful, confident, content and
fulfilled children.

Soetlief Overview

Many children struggle to define and express their emotions in a positive manner. The growing need for effective emotional and social development programs prompted the development of Soetlief Programs for children, parents and teachers.

All Soetlief Programs focus on developing various skills in children to ensure that they are equipped for life.

Soetlief strives to develop leadership in all children by focusing on the development of emotional and social skills. Being a leader does not mean simply walking at the front of the line, standing on a stage or having a group of followers. Leadership is to be the best you are in every area of life where you might find yourself.

In order to produce success stories we focus on training emotional and social skills.


A girl asked me: “Don’t your cheeks get tired, because you smile like in always” - Submitted by Rouxanne Opperman