What is Soetlief?

Soetlief is an online social and emotional skills program aimed at equipping children and their parents with the tools to identify, communicate and control emotions in order to attain and maintain positive and healthy personal relationships. Soetlief focusses on self-awareness, understanding and discovery of feelings and sensations and provides practical ways of dealing with emotions. Soetlief is for ANY and ALL children.

Who is Soetlief for?

Soetlief is for any and every child between the ages of 3 to 12 and their parents/guardians. The program gives your child an opportunity to grow socially and emotionally while giving you the opportunity to be a part of their growing-up.

Creative, Fantasy & Play

Logic, Reason & Independent

Abstract, Thinking, Analysing

Communicate, Interact, Understand

The Soetlief programs

All Soetlief programs focus on developing various skills in your children to ensure that they are equipped for life. Soetlief strives to develop leadership in all children by focusing on the development of social and emotional skills. The Soetlief programs, even though not therapeutic, offer a non-threatening environment to express feelings and thoughts.

Empowering kids and parents to…