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My little girl Sofie was 7 when she started the Soetlief programme.  From pre-primary she had bad tummy aches and after extensive and expensive medical testing and scans etc. we discovered they were caused by emotional stress. She was also exceptionally fearful and being South African, constantly exposed to stories of crime and violence.

Soetlief was a safe and gentle place for her to talk about her feelings and she was equipped with the tools to deal with all the emotions she faced every day.  Her fear decreased which meant less anxiety and less tummy aches.

She was also able to see when I was not coping and offer me her new found wisdom and advice.

I so recommend this program for any child that needs that extra little help or is coping with a stressful situation or life transition.  I also appreciate the willingness of the presenter to give me advise as a parent when I needed to make an important parenting decision.

This is one of my fave pics.. a little girl with plenty responsibility who just needed a little extra help.



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