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We decided to enrol Kyle in the Soetlief programme as he was having anger issues which we could not seem to resolve. My husband works away and has been doing this for many years and although the kids have adapted to this in their own way,  it still has an impact on them.

We felt that we needed to address the issue as quickly as possible before it got any worse. We had to give Kyle the necessary tools with which he could deal with his anger. The programme helped him to identify his emotions and gave him the ability to communicate his frustrations, fears and disappointments which he was not able to do beforehand. 

All we can say is “Wow”, what a difference! Our happy child has been returned to us and yes, we still have ups and downs, but at least he can now communicate his emotions and  we can deal with any problems immediately. He loves his Soetlief and will continue the programme this year as we feel you can never give your child enough tools to deal with Life!


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