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Matthew started a new school and he was a very shy individual with no friends and struggled to bond with his teacher. He did not want to go to school. Matthew seemed distant and didn’t have the joy we knew him to have. As a shy individual he also took time to warm up and adapt, we felt that we needed to help him adjust and help him to understand the emotions and get a positive connection to school.  When he did the Soetlief program, my child warmed up and has become responsive and started taking part in group activities. His self-esteem has grown and he has really grown very fond of his Soetlief teacher which was a positive and warm relation with a person in authority at school but also managed to make friends at school. He started to enjoy going to school and was able to create a positive relation to the teacher and has now good memories of her.

My son made us aware of how we speak to each other, and how he would like us to speak to each other. It also helped us in disciplining him. He understood the concept of boundaries much better when they were enforced. He also understood his own feelings of anger and frustration which helped to manage them in a positive way. He also understood that he makes choices about his actions and that actions have either positive or negative consequences. Understanding all these emotions, boundaries, himself and how we all fit into this family unit helps our family to create a positive atmosphere at home where we respect each other.

I will definitely recommend the Soetlief program as young children struggle to understand their emotions especially when they face sudden challenges. Everyone should understand their emotions to be able to deal with everyday life and to become part of a happy self with a role in a bigger society one day. Children should be happy children.




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