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We enrolled our son in Soetlief after having witnessed huge improvements in a friend's son the previous year. When asked what the secret to this improvement was, the mother simply stated: "Soetlief". Our son ( who turned 7 in the year he did Soetlief) really looked forward to attending his weekly classes, more so than to his school day. He said these classes were always fun and exciting and it was clear that he had taken some important lesson from each one, particularly regarding the understanding and regulation of everyday emotions such as anger and sadness. This is what education should be: engaging, fun, learning without realising because it is taught using all senses. The programme is so relevant that my biggest wish is that all children could attend it. I honestly wish that it could be part of the curriculum. As a Clinical Psychologist, I think teaching children these essential emotional skills could reduce and indeed completely avoid, so many problems that manifest in later childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  



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