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Soetlief Intense Program for Parents & Kids

I cannot begin to describe how Cynthia's knowledge and approach has helped us.
We were in a really negative space and didn't have much hope for our blended family to work after trying for 2 years. We were ready to give up and decided to see her for private sessions.

Cynthia worked with us and our 2 girls on the principles of authority, routine, discipline and boundaries. We were amazed how simple the solution to our problem was. We just needed a plan, some practice and to stick to the plan!
It's only been a month since we did the sessions and our girls are responding to the principles so well. Mom & Dad feel supported and we're in control of keeping our family safe and happy.

I now can't believe we almost gave up! The change in our family life is remarkable and we are so thankful for Cynthia's program & insight.

Eileen Grobler

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