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Starting Grade R is generally very overwhelming for parents, however for me it was extremely stressful for both me and my son. Prior to Grade R we had chosen to keep him in a small play group, which we thought as parents was a good fit for him. Christopher was never a child for big groups. Prior to starting Grade R, he was a confident child within his familiar surroundings. We always knew he suffered with anxiety, especially to change in routine, events or anything that was unfamiliar, so needless to say we expected Grade R to be an adjustment, we just never had any idea how much.

Christopher started Grade R not knowing any children, and the first few weeks we saw many tears, both for him and for us. On seeking further advise from his teacher she said we should try Soetlief which would help him to emotionally express himself. Many days he came home almost in a bad angry place, unable to express to us how he felt, and kept bottling up all this unhappiness that he felt. Once Christopher started the classes, we saw changes in him, that happened in leaps and bounds. Christopher went from a boy who was scared of trying new things, someone who battled to make friends, who blocked himself off from most things around him to a child who could come home and express his feelings in a way that made him feel he was understood in an acceptable manner. Christopher learnt ways to cope with new stresses, learnt life skills about making friends, especially how to come out of his Shyness and to try new things. Christopher learnt challenges like it was ok to be scared but not to let the scared feelings over take and control his life, but rather for him to control and express his feelings.

Christopher went from a boy crying not wanting to go to school, to a child begging me to put him in aftercare. Soetlief has given my child the life skills to face life and its challenges head on and with confidence, it's given my child a platform to assist himself that he can do almost anything he wants to, and it brings me no greater joy as a mother, to see my child re-discover his confidence and push himself further along.

I am especially grateful for all the words of encouragement and advise that soetlief has provided me as a parent, in understanding my child, and for me to understand him has brought us closer than we could have ever wished for.


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