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Social and Emotional Skills

I found the sessions very meaningful and I strongly believe that "Social and Emotional Skills" should be included as a subject in teaching training. The first session was outstanding. "The emotional profiling of children" helped me divide my learners easily into the 4 basic emotional categories.

The teachers challenges:

1) Teachers must be careful not to respond to the secondary feeling expressed, but to find the primary feeling experienced.

2) Rather try to rectify the wrong, instead of punishing the wrong. Sermons are only effective if there is a relationship between the teacher and her pupils. That's why sending learners to the principle aren't always the best option.

The sessions motivate me to communicate to the learners in a soft and understandable tone. I now have more confidence in solving problems and have realised the importance of respect for the teacher.

Sonja Nieuwoudt
Laerskool Eikestad

Feel equipped to handle the kids

The Soetlief course was an interesting experience. Much to learn about children's behaviour and how to handle specific problems. I feel equipped to handle the kids in my class that come from different circumstances or are just different in being. It was a relaxed afternoon with lots of laughs and creative thinking. I love doing this with all my colleagues!

Jeanine Whitcomb
Laerskool Eikestad

Children need to feel safe and loved

This course was a memorable experience that will be very useful in your classroom setup. We are trained to use practical examples in the class to help the learners to deal with certain situations e.g. bullying, divorce etc. and to remember that they are king/ queen of their body. Children need to feel safe and loved at school. Take time to get to know each child individually and try to understand why they react like they do. "Soetlief" taught us methods of how to read the signs of children's body language and behaviour. This helps a lot, because each child is unique and wants to be loved and understood for who they are.

Rika du Toit
Head of Grade R
Laerskool Eikestad

The emotional trains were very interesting

The most important thing for me was the following:

What are the emotional goals that children need to accomplish in order to know that they are on the correct way. The handling of emotional problems, as well as, the manipulation and domination of some children in the classroom.

The emotional trains were very interesting because it helps our teachers to put the children in different categories and therefore to understand some children with emotional problems even better.

One last thing was the fact that you, as a teacher, must not lose control and that you must never give up your position. You must remember that you are the teacher, the children must learn and move on.

Carin Brand
Laerskool Eikestad

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