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Programs for Children

By the age of 5 a child should be able to identify, control and express the four basic emotions in an appropriate way. By the age of 12 a child should be able to identify, control and express appropriately the more complex emotions. Soetlief offers a range of different programs designed to help children accomplish the mentioned emotional and social development outcome.

Soetlief offers programs for children aged 3-16 years.




Tots Program for 3 year olds

Yellow Level


Basic Program for 4 – 6 year olds and for Gr 1 & 2

Green Level


Advanced Program for Gr 3 – 5 / younger children who have completed the Basic program

Orange Level


Leadership Character for those who have completed Advanced program and / or Teenage program.

Silver Level


Leadership Steps for those who have completed the Silver Level

Gold Level


Teen Program for 12 – 16 year olds

Platinum Level

All the children's programs focus on emotional and social skills development.


The programs teach children to identify, communicate and control their emotions.


They can identify their own emotions and those of others.


Children often feel frustrated because they are unable to express their feelings, but through these programs children are taught to express their feelings in a healthy and socially acceptable way.


Children are often taught what they should not do, but seldom what they should do. These programs focus on teaching acceptable alternative ways to express negative feelings such as anger, fear, sadness and disappointment.


The program focuses on teaching problem solving skills which are needed to resolve emotional and intimate, close relational issues. Children learn to respect others.


Soetlief encourages and teaches children about a confidence based on one's self as opposed to a false confidence founded in group pressure and group identity.

The way the Programs operate

The focus of the program is not curative or therapy. The focus is on empowering children with the necessary skills for life. In Soetlief we don't wait until a problem arises to help a child. Soetlief empowers a child with the emotional and social tools in order for the child to handle a challenge when it arises. The aim is to create resilience by empowering the child.

Many children's programs create an awareness of challenges and how to say "no". Due to this approach children might know what they do not want but seldom what they want. By focusing on the negative they often end up with exactly what they did not want.

Awareness of the problem does not prevent it. Soetlief focuses on empowering children with the tools necessary to think, feel and do things differently in order to lead a successful life.


Children are divided into groups of 8.

Once a week

Lessons take place once a week for 32 weeks. This takes place only during the school term.
Each session is 45 minutes. In the 45 minutes we alternate between 5-7 different activities in order to teach the child the principles of the session.


The program has a set curriculum for all levels of the program. There are different modules covering the four basic emotions with all the social aspects and complexes.

Each emotion is intensely studied and then placed within different social contexts in order to teach the appropriate action.

The activities are non-repetitive but the principles are repeated. Lessons have been structured to provide a fun-filled way of learning. The positive, fun-filled experience of the lessons encourages the application of the information, and also provides a place of safety for the child to express emotions that might otherwise be destructive due to the inability to express it or the inappropriate expression of it.

Parents receive feedback after completion of a module. Once all the modules in a level are completed, children receive recognition for successful completion of a level and then qualify to move on to the next level.


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