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Programs for Parents

In addition to working with the emotional and social development of children we offer a range of programs to parents to assist in managing children's emotions in an effective way. The main goal of the Parent Programs is to be as practical and effective as possible.


One Family Intense Program

The One Family Intense Program is presented to ONE family over a period of a week, usually consisting of approximately 20 hours. During this time there are times set aside for working with the child/ren and the parents.

This program is currently only presented by Cynthia Linde.
The intensity of the Program is very high, and at the same time very effective.
A follow-up Program is available to smooth out any problems experienced in the month after attending the 1 Family Intense Program.
The cost of these sessions is much higher than the group and individual lessons since it is presented over a shorter period with higher intensity and adaptability to need of the family.

This program is very effective for parents with children on the autism spectrum. It helps the child with social and emotional skills but also helps the parents manage the emotions of the child in an effective way.

10 Families Intense Program

The 10 Family Intense Program is presented to the parents of no more than 10 families. The Program consists of 16 hours of training.

There are 4 sessions consisting of 3 hours each.
Session 1 – Emotional profiling of each child in the family
Session 2 – Practical ways of dealing with children's emotions
Session 3 – Parental Authority conquering Manipulation and Domination
Session 4 – Practical Discipline that works

You are welcome to get a group of friends or colleagues together and contact Cynthia Linde to present this program to you since she is the only one presenting this program.

General Parent Training

These sessions are arranged by Soetlief in different areas. The dates and places appear on the Soetlief Diary

Schools are welcome to contact us to arrange for these sessions to be presented to the parents of their school or community.

The duration of each session is 2 hours.

Session 1
The will of a child – what they want and what they need
Authority, domination and manipulation

Session 2
Effective discipline that works

Session 3
Establishing boundaries in the home

Session 4
The parent-trap
Managing the expression of emotions


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