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Programs for Teachers

This program consists of 7 sessions

Each session is 3 hours long.

These sessions are arranged by Soetlief in different areas. The dates and areas appear on the Soetlief Diary.

Session 1

Emotional profiling
Teachers learn about two measuring instruments to determine the dominant negative emotion of each child in the classroom. This will help in the identification of the emotional challenges in the classroom.

The focus is not on the dominant emotion that children manifest, but rather the dominant emotion children experience.

Sessions follow one on the other and it is therefore compulsory to attend them in the order in which they are presented.

Session 2

Ways to address the emotional challenges in the classroom
This session focuses on practical ways of dealing with each emotional problem that might arise in the classroom. Teachers learn different methods of addressing emotional problems in the classroom and get an opportunity to practise the methods.

Often when a sudden trauma or crisis occurs in a school, teachers feel overwhelmed and unequipped to deal with the emotions that manifest along with it. This session will greatly equip teachers to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Session 3

Establishing Authority in the classroom, while dealing with Manipulation and domination
Teachers are faced with manipulation and domination from their learners every day. It is important to distinguish between these two concepts and address it in the right manner. If manipulation and domination are handled incorrectly it will lead to disciplinary issues.

Teachers are provided with step-by-step guidance on how to distinguish between manipulation and domination. Once correctly identified teachers will receive exact instruction on how to address each phenomenon.

Authority is the only way to overcome domination and manipulation successfully.

Step-by-step tools will be given in this regard.

Session 4

Personality Profiling and Effective Punishment and reward
Teachers receive a step-by-step explanation in drawing up a personality profile of students and how to use this in creating an effective punishment and reward system. Insight into the personality needs of children will help teachers to create an effective discipline system that is relevant and suitable to the individual emotional needs of children in their classroom.

Session 5

The effect of emotions on cognitive development and learning
This session focuses on the effect of emotions on learning in the classroom and how this will affect the teacher. An overview of previous sessions is integrated into this session and teachers are provided with steps on how to stimulate cognitive development by providing in the emotional needs of the children.

Session 6

Staying in control of yourself
Much attention is given to the needs of children in teaching, but in this session the focus is on the teacher. This session will help teachers not to lose touch with their own feelings, needs and dreams.

The purpose is to help the teacher stay in touch with self and to stay in control of self. It is difficult to stay in control of what is given into one's care if you are struggling to stay in control of yourself.

Self-nurturance is vital.

Session 7

Establishing Boundaries in school
Teachers/schools receive material that can be implemented throughout the school. The session is very practical and explains the use of material that will be received with the session. Through this program boundaries are established through visuals and the use of a language that everyone in the school will understand in order to assure the establishment of boundaries in school.

Each school will receive a package containing stories, DVDs, activities and activity pages.



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