The Soetlief programs

All Soetlief programs focus on developing various skills in children to ensure that they are equipped for life. The program for each age level has carefully been considered, according to age-related milestones and how children of different ages learn. The program gives your child an opportunity to grow socially and emotionally while giving you the opportunity to be a part of their growing-up. There are additional activities that parents/guardians can do with the child and in some lessons steps to follow, danger points to be aware of and checklist and/or guidelines when dealing with specific social and emotional aspects of your child.

What is our approach?

Interactive online learning for children and their parents using the following methodologies.

Our program structure
Troop program example

We at Soetlief recommend coordinating your child’s time, according to the recommended curriculum. Repetition and self-assessment of lessons are encouraged, before accessing new modules.

Empowering kids and parents to…