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Tots Programme

For ages 3 - 5 years

Children can exhaust you simply by looking at them. Their energy just never runs out. But it isn’t all about fun and games – at this age, their playing is as much about learning and making sense of the world as it is about running around and painting every surface they can find. While still often misunderstood, play is the foundation of any form of learning around this age, where the brain is being shaped through play and active exploration.

By focusing on the process and fun activities, rather than the outcome, these lessons will keep your child interested from beginning to end. The lesson structures allow you, the parent, to become part of the process, helping your little one make sense of the world they live in.

The Tots programme teaches your child about their senses, expands their vocabulary and helps them understand emotional concepts about themselves and others. These lessons lay the foundation for your child’s social and emotional development.

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