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Troops Programme

For ages 6 - 9 years

Wanting to choose their own outfits when buying new clothes, not wanting to go on every family outing anymore, trying new things without your help or even your knowledge thereof – you’ve probably seen one of these scenarios if your child falls in the Troops age. At this age it’s important to let your child make decisions on their own, even if they are only small ones, encouraging their individuality and helping them become their own person. This is precisely what the Troops programme will help you do.

Through different scenarios and activities, your child will get the chance to interact with new information. Allowing your child to take their time and really get involved with the activity will help them engage fully with these lessons. Through these interactive lessons, your child will be able to spend all the time they need on each activity, helping them understand that a learning environment should be non-threatening and relaxed.

The Troops programme will help your child develop their decision-making skills, teach them how to engage with information, let them use their curiosity to learn more and encourage them to try again when they struggle or fail. At this age, your child’s self-awareness and social interaction skills are being developed, preparing them to face the world without their parents’ constant guidance. This programme will focus on helping your child work through the constant flow of information that hits their brain, dealing with their emotions and the importance of personal borders that will keep them safe in society and help them function as an individual.

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