Who is Soetlief intended for?

The Soetlief program has been written and developed considering the best interest of any, every and all children between the ages of 3 to 12 and their parents/guardians. It is a skills program, devised to teach your child social and emotional competency using fun activities and games to increase self-awareness that is considered by EQ specialists as foundational in self-control.

Parents/guardians also have access to the program giving you the advantage of knowing what they are learning. This will allow you to communicate with your child(ren) in a language of emotions and social interaction that they understand. Parental/guardian supervision and involvement are advised as you will be in the best position to directly or indirectly support and assist your child’s learning of new information.

It provides an opportunity for active learning therefore understanding and not just knowing or memorising. Through this, your child will find an opportunity to share information that is learned, experience competence by applying the information to real life and will keep him/her motivated!

All Children


Parents and Guardians

Soetlief aims to address the following:

Empowering kids and parents to…