Soetlief Program Benefits

Self-Discovery & Awareness

Soetlief will enable your child to recognise who and what they are, and how they fit into the word. This way, they can become more self-aware, make better decisions and understand their emotions and that of others.

Parent/Child Integration

You’ve been a part of your child’s life since the beginning, now you can also play an integral part in their social and emotional skills development.

Relationship Building

Soetlief focusses on equipping your child with the necessary social and emotional skills, which enhances their communication skills, not only with you but with others as well. By understanding themselves, and the people around them better, your children can build long-lasting and positive relationships.

Non-Threatening Approach

Soetlief is interactive, engaging and fun and specialises in teaching your child all the necessary social and emotional skills in a non-threatening manner. We allow you and your child to work through the lessons at your own pace, in order to get the most out of it.

Build Self-Confidence

Soetlief will help your child to identify and understand their emotions, helping them to confidently communicate these feelings to you and others. Our programmes will help your child understand their decision-making process and give them confidence in their own choices.

Recognition of Self

Our programmes facilitate your child’s journey towards self-discovery by equipping them with the necessary social and emotional skills to effectively find their identity.

Solution-Oriented Method

Our programmes focus on the journey, rather than the destination by incorporating solution-oriented information and activities.

Convenient & Easy Online Access

Our Soetlief learners enjoy 24/7 access to our interactive online training portal. Teach your child the necessary social and emotional skills anywhere, anytime, on any internet-enabled device.

Admittance of Negative Behaviour

By teaching your child the necessary social and emotional skills, they will become aware of their own behaviour and be able to distinguish between negative and positive behaviour. Soetlief will help your child gain the confidence they need to admit when they were wrong.

Facilitate Social Challenges

Through the use of real-life scenarios in the Soetlief lessons, your child will learn how to react positively to certain social situations that might be an unpleasant experience for him/her.

Interactive & Engagement Opportunities

The Soetlief programmes are interactive, visually stimulating and engage your child from start to finish. You and your child will become an active part of the interactive lesson.

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