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Tweens Programme

For ages 10 - 12 years

At this age, children have developed a strong sense of their own identity and want to start finding their place in the world. This means they want to see what they learn being used in a practical way in their lives. While the Troops programme gives your child more challenging activities, the focus is on making real-life connections between the information and your child’s own life.

Your child will be left with a sense of confidence and accomplishment that will motivate them to continue learning. Giving your child the opportunity to weigh options against each other, explaining the reasoning behind their choices and applying information to real-life scenarios to solve problems – the activities in the Troops programme focuses on helping your child use their knowledge in real life.

In this programme, your child will see how their emotions are shaped by social and relational situations. The Troops’ discussion topics will teach your child how to work through complex emotions like anger, fear and sadness while continuing to teach them the importance of boundaries and communicating through body language.

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